Phospor’s Swanky E-Ink Watches Come With Curved Screens


E-ink, of course, is that very technology we see used in ebook readers such as Amazon’s Kindle.  With their ability to show newsprint-style display without using power continuously, they’re a natural fit for those types of devices.    Can you see it used in watches, though?

Phosphor thinks e-ink can carve a niche in the world of timepieces and, with their newest line of stylish curved watches, makes a compelling case for it.   Donning less conservative styling compared to their previous models, the new wrist-worn contraptions ditch the analog combo, showing off the time and various other display in full concave electronic ink glory.

The first of the two models is called the Digital Hour Clock Watch and displays the time as a large 12-hour digital display alternating with a round graphical clock.  It automatically shifts contrast (white-on-black then black-on-white) with every passing minute.  The curving case is 38 mm wide and 8 mm thin, with a water resistance of up to 50 meters.  The second comes in a slightly longer frame, though featuring the same width and thickness.  Called the Digital Calendar Watch, it allows shifting between a 12-hour time display and a calendar mode.

Honestly, I’ve always thought the idea of e-ink watches is a tad dorky.  However, both of these timepieces look awful nice.  I would have preferred not to have the contrast updating every minute (that’s just weird) but I’ll take it.  The models are both available in a choice of leather, rubber and stainless steel straps, with prices ranging from $175 to $225.

[Phosphor Watches via Engadget]