Photo Hanger, A Paper Clip Shaped Like A Clothes Hanger

Paper clips are plenty useful.   A simple hack of the old design, though, turns the Photo Hanger into something irresistibly fascinating.

Designed by Juta Kan, the office stationery is just a single piece of bent steel wire like any regular paper clip.  Instead of the éclair-like shape, though, this one has been fashioned to look like a miniature hanger with a hook on top.  That way, you can clip a photo with it and hang the whole thing to a pushpin on the corkboard, allowing you to show off pictures without having to pierce any part of the print.

The Photo Hanger measures 1.5 inches wide and 0.7 inches tall, so you’re restricted to thin stacks of paper items for clipping.  The steel material is about as thin as regular paper clips, too, so using it conventionally shouldn’t be much of an issue.

Even though it’s meant for hanging photographs, the redesigned clip should also work its clamping ways on regular office documents, allowing you to hang them on a corkboard for easier retrieval (compared to digging through stacks).  Granted, it’s unnecessary, as a larger paper clip (or two of them strung together) can probably perform the same features.  Still, these things look more fun.

Unfortunately, the clever redesign comes with an accompanying bump up in your paper clip budget.   The Photo Hanger sells at $9.50 for a set of seven pieces.