Photo Shower Curtains: Hang Your Favorite Images In The Bathroom


Want a shower curtain that’s a little more personal than the normal variety you can pick up in stores?  You can troll the kitschy bathroom decor sites, of course, and find an occasional gem (like this Periodic Table of Elements), but none of what you’ll find will ever carry that intimate character which makes it all yours.

Photo Shower Curtain serves that need, churning out 100% custom prints based on images you send their way.  Want to shower alongside your favorite work of art?  A picture portait of Megan Fox, perhaps, to inspire you to clean those nooks and crannies (in case you ever get a girl like that ripping your clothes off)?  Maybe a shot from your last family vacation on the sandy beaches of Hawaii?

Whichever photograph you choose (at least 2 megapixels with clear focus required), simply send them in when you place your order.  Using a sublimation process that integrates images into fabric, the company can produce your one-of-a-kind shower curtain with a permanent print that looks as amazing as the photograph it came from.  According to the site, all their curtains are made from 100% polyester poplin, which can be laundered with no danger of fading or shrinking.

If you’re performing custom decors and other similar personalized styling to your bathrooms, you can discuss particular curtain designs with the company’s in-house artists to score some ideas.  Single orders go between $149 to $199, with a two to four week delivery schedule.  Multiple orders, in case you want to commission a few hundred shower curtains with your face on it (or that awesome Periodic Table of Superheroics), are priced depending on quantity, with a delivery spread of four to eight weeks.

[Photo Shower Curtain via Red Ferret]