Photojojo’s Clever Magnetic Lenses Add Fancy Angles To Cellphone Cameras

Cellphone cameras are designed for convenience, not artistic shooting.  However, that never stopped anyone from finding ways to use fancy lenses for varying up their snaps.  Photojojo’s magnetic add-on lenses offer probably the most cleverly effective solution yet.

Designed to work with any cellphone camera, the lenses come with a self-adhesive magnetic ring that you wear permanently around the built-in optics.  That way, you can simply snap the add-on lenses when needed and remove them quickly after use.  No hassle.

They have two types of lenses available: a fisheye  and a wide-angle/macro combo.  The former gets you a 180-degree view and 0.28x magnification, aside from the familiar circular image.  The latter provides a 0.67x angle of view and focus up to 10mm.  Both are made from finely-machined high-clarity glass, with back and front lens cover for protection.

Over the years, cellphone cameras have improved enough to make them a decent, albeit less consistent, alternative to dedicated point and shoots.  These two lenses extend what your stock handheld shooter can do, all in a simple yet ingenious manner.

Each fisheye  and wide-angle/macro combo camera phone lens comes with two magnetic rings (so you can use it on more than one phone), along with a tiny strap for easier safekeeping.  They can be bought individually  ($25 for the fisheye, $20 for the wide/macro) and in a set ($40).

[Photojojo via Gadget Lab]