Photorito Turns Your Lens Into A Burrito

Sure, your camera bag is so awesome it can fit and protect your big-ass SLR, along with all the lenses and accessories you could need for an entire day of shooting. You don’t need a dedicated wrap for your lenses. As true as that might be, however, it’s hard to resist being able to tuck each of your backup lenses into a Photorito, a lens wrap that looks like a tortilla. Really.

A novelty sleeve, it literally looks like a burrito when wound around a lens, complete with the slightly toasted tortilla and all. Heck, if you wrap it in foil and put it in a fridge, I’d probably eat it when my hunger pangs hit at 3 in the morning. Obviously, I’d put it back once I realized you put a camera lens inside a fake burrito sleeve in the fridge, but man, I’d worry about you.

The Photorito opens up like a big slab of pancake that measures 15 inches across, allowing you to fit in a wide range of lens sizes (it can handle anywhere from 24mm to 200mm). A built-in snap band inside lets you hold the lens in place while you wrap it burrito-style, while neoprene cushions ensure your glass is safe from bumps and drops. The actual sleeve is made from Tyvek, the durable and waterproof material they use to make hazmat suits.

As a bonus, few thieves will rarely take the time to steal a burrito, so your lens is just a little bit safer. The Photorito is available now, priced at $20.