Piano Dining Table Can Entertain While You Eat


Do you like to be entertained while you eat?  Put a piano in the dining room and pay a local musician to provide the melodies.  What, you don’t have the space to fit a piano with the dining table already in the way?  Not a problem with the Piano Dining Table, a concept furniture/musical instrument that combines both.

Created by Georg Bohle, it’s actually just an electronic keyboard that you can access from the side of a dining table.  Pretty clever.  I don’t see where the music is supposed to come out (or the cables for that matter), but it’s probably somewhere sly, like underneath.


With its oak wood construction, the Piano Dining Table should serve as a nice area to share meals with the entire family.   Good food goes better with sweet music?  Just squeeze in and let Junior play his recital piece from last week.  Oh wait, Junior sucks at piano?  I knew it, you should have just built a dining table with an iPod dock and downloaded some piano solos on iTunes.

Bad scenarios aside, I really can’t imagine a sensible reason to combine a piano with a dining table.  Unless you like to eat while practicing the piano version of Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini.  On second thought, that’s a good enough reason actually.  I’m totally getting one.

Oh wait, the Piano Dining Table is not for sale.  And it’s supposed to cost $6,000 when it does.  Errr…

[Thanks Behance]