Pick Punch Lets You Make Your Own Guitar Picks

Hole punchers are rather common office tools.  You’ve seen one, I’ve seen one and there’s a good chance most people you know have seen one, too.  The Pick Punch takes the same mechanism behind the familiar holing pincer and put it to use to cut guitar picks out of plastic sheets in one swift move.

Clad in the style of a single-hole puncher (or a regular-sized stapler), the pick-making device can stamp a hole on flat sheets just like a regular paper puncher.  Instead of just small circular holes, though, it punches the exact dimensions of standard 351 guitar picks (30mm tall x 25.5mm wide at the top), allowing you to easily make picks out of any piece of throwaway plastic you’ve got lying around (like old credit cards or the plastic battery cover of your old cellphone).

The Pick Punch is a heavy-duty spring-loaded hole puncher with a lever mechanism to quickly cut out picks.  No word on how thick of a material it can handle, but we’re guessing it can drive a hole on anything that’s thin enough to be usable as a guitar pick.  As soon as a pick is sliced off, it falls out from a pick-sized opening right at the bottom.

Considering how often guitar players lose those tiny bits of teardrop plastic, this can be very useful for stocking up a whole boxful of them, so you never run out.  Not to mention, this offers one of the coolest ways to get picks in customized, highly-personalized designs.

You can get the Pick Punch from the official website, priced at $24.95.  Additionally, they’re selling $3 sheets of nylon, polycarbonate or acetal materials, which you can use to punch new picks on (one sheet can get you up to 85).

[thanks Pick Punch]