Turn Your Truck Bed Into A Mobile Bath Tub With Pick-Up Pools


We’ve all seen them on YouTube – people lining their truck bed with a tarp and filling it up with water to turn the pickup into a veritable bath tub on wheels. And yes, the resulting monstrosity is as unsightly as it sounds. If you want to set up a truck bed pool that looks a little more presentable than the typical cobbled up rig, then ditch the sheet of tarp in favor of this Pick-Up Pool instead.

A custom truck bed lining, its sole purpose is to turn your pickup into a mobile bath tub, giving you a spot in the driveway where you can soak all your sorrows away. Yes, there’s a good chance the neighbors will call the cops when they see you soaking half-naked in front of your house, but if you had a really long day and no tub in the bathroom, the peace and relaxation that could give you might well be worth a couple hours of discomfort at the local precinct.  Maybe.


Pick-Up Pools is made from thick 30 mil vinyl, which the company claims is thicker than the typical lining on standard pools. Each one is sized to fit truck beds snugly, so you can simply pull it over the corners of the truck bed, removing the need to use ropes and bungee cords to hold everything in place. Unlike regular tarp used as makeshift pools, it comes with a drain, so you simply have to pull the valve to unload the water once you verify that Uncle Rudy did, in fact, pee in it when he stopped by five minutes ago. Yeah, he’s a very gross person.


For now, only two sizes are available: 5.5 feet and 6.5 feet, with the trucks each one is sized to fit listed on the website. Price is $299 for the 5.5 feet model and $309 for the larger one.

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