Another Picnic Table’s Seats Can Convert Into Recliners

On a clear day, picnic tables are the perfect way to enjoy an outdoor meal.  After you’re done stuffing your face full, however, it’s kind of a bummer having to sit in the same bench with no back rest while you try and relax for the rest of the day.  Unless you’ve got Another Picnic Table.

Designed by Wouter Nieuwendijk and Jair Straschnow, the unfortunately-named outdoor furniture adds a clever new variation to picnic tables.  Instead of just having stools you can use while you eat, each seat can be quickly reconfigured into a reclined bench after you’re done.  Even better, your back is turned away from the table during that mode, allowing you to face away from everybody else while you let that large meal you just ate settle in peace.

Another Picnic Table looks like a regular wooden picnic table at first glance, with four seating benches attached to the table frame for enjoying a shared meal.  Raise the seat on a chair, however, and that seat becomes a summer lounger that lets you rest your legs and back at a comfy angle.

You know how portable picnic tables are awesome when you’re tailgating and getting drunk like there was no tomorrow?  This pressed bamboo furnishing is double the awesome, since you can use it as a table to eat, drink and play poker, all while converting into a recliner once you’re too drunk to party any further.

No word on whether there are plans to put Another Picnic Table in stores or where examples are currently set up.  If they can design a fold-up version for hauling around during Saturday afternoons in the park, though, this could be a hit.

[via Design Boom]