Picture Table Hides A Desk Behind A Poster Frame


Want a big table but no room for it?  Not a problem with the Picture Table, a large desk that folds into your wall to become an equally-huge display frame.

If you don’t need a table, just push it up towards the wall, fold the legs and slip your favorite poster into the slot.  No way anyone will think you’ve got anything there except a huge frame showing off your favorite art.  Oh, the pizza just arrived?  Pull the top part of the table down, stretch out its legs and throw that hot box of pepperoni on top of it.


The Picture Table is an Italian-made modern piece of furnishing that measures 130 x 85 x 78 cm.  Wood was used in the body, along with a plexiglass cover for the frame and stainless steel for supports.

Created by Verena Lang of Ivydesign, the concept isn’t that exceptional – people have been folding furniture onto walls for a long time.  However, the implementation is downright exceptional.  It looks like a minimalist, high-art piece whether in picture or table modes – very, very sexy.

We’re not sure if the Picture Table is about to become a real product soon, but it sure is clever enough to warrant a lot of attention.  For cramped bedrooms, small hotel rooms and other tight spaces, this should prove an extremely viable fixture to consider.

[Ivy Design]