PiCycle Electric Bike Looks Different, Comes With Built-In Tracking Electronics

While I’m not sure how I like the bent hotdog frame, the PiCycle’s design is supposedly a logical result of reducing the electric bike to its barest essentials.  That means no tubes where they ain’t necessary and, apparently, that frowning pipe is all you need to get around town.

Created by PiMobility, the two-wheeler can be operated like any regular motorized bicycle.  A brushless 36-volt DC motor and a lithium-ion battery can be commissioned to assist your pedaling, allowing you to travel at faster speeds for, at least, 20 miles on a single charge.  There are also a bunch of available upgrades like dual motors and a bigger battery module, in case the default specs underwhelm your performance needs.

The PiCycle features a heat-treated aluminum monocoque frame, a seven-speed derailleur, fully-adjustable elastomeric suspensions, cable disc brakes, 24-inch tires and double-wall aluminum rims.  Grips and saddle are all made with gel, so it should be plenty comfortable for regular use.  By default, the frame and seat configuration will conform to riders from 5’4” to 6’2” in height, with extra options for those who don’t quite fit the average mold.

A modern bike deserves modern electronics and this one can be fitted with smart features onboard.  Armed with built-in WiFi, the bike can stream a variety of data to a smartphone app, allowing you to monitor battery health, speed, travel paths, motor performance and more.  There’s also a built-in  theft recovery service, allowing you to keep track of the bicycle in case it gets stolen.

On top of all that, riding a strange-looking PiCycle can probably get you more attention than any of your usual transport options.  At the least, you can have something new to talk about.  It’s available now, priced at $2,495.

[PiCycle via Inhabitat]