Finally, Someone Made A Modular Coffee Table That’s Also A Pie Chart


Pie charts can be useful, giving folks a simple way to visualize numerical proportions, whether for reports or presentations. Despite that, its inherent limitations has made it widely despised among experienced statisticians, who mostly keep it around for simple charts that display a minimal amount of values. However you feel about the pie chart, though, you have to admit, it makes for a fun modular table as the Pie Chart System clearly demonstrates.

Designed by Hierve for H Furniture, it’s a modular table that forms a simple pie chart when assembled. Consisting of four modules, it provides several options in putting together, so you can make pie chart-like round tables if you want to stay faithful to the design or make weird geometric shapes that feel no different when looking at a confusing pie chart that tries to show too many values.


The Pie Chart System consists of four modules: a three-quarters circle, a half-circle, and two quarter-circles. Yes, that totals to seven parts of a four-part circle, although you can always just buy the modules you need to create a single round piece. Each one measures around coffee table height, so you can create a round coffee table for the living room, a three-quarters coffee table, or a weird geometric shape to complement all the modern art on your wall. The modules can be ordered in varying colors, too, ensuring it looks like a legit pie chart with clearly-defined divisions. Just customize them with labels (e.g. mark one-quarter of the coffee table as “FOR MY FEET”) and you’re set.


Available now, pricing for the Pie Chart System starts at £254.

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