Piece Your Own Furniture Together With The Jigsaw Puzzle Stool/Table


Want to turn your living room into a conundrum of tiles?  Throw enough of these Jigsaw Puzzle Stool/Table pieces out there and you’ll be in business.

On its own, one of these things would make for an odd-looking but functional stool, where you can put your legs up, plop your ass down or stand on top of while cleaning the ceiling with a broom (while wearing your French Maid outfit, of course).   Slap a few of them together, though, and you’ll turn up a unique-looking coffee table that you can configure to whatever size or shape you wish.

The Jigsaw Puzzle Stool/Table sports a basic stool framework for the legs and a precision die cut  jigsaw tile on top.  Made out of sheesham hardwood, each individual piece measures 14 x 22 x 17 inches (W x L x H).   The tabletops are designed to slot right into other tabletops of the same make, allowing you to chain-link as many of them as your space allows.

While I doubt they’ll make good seating fixtures (uhmmm… those uneven edges don’t look comfortable), they do look like they can turn out beautiful tables, especially with the variety of arrangements you can make.  Sure, those same edges should make the table a little less convenient (I can see myself mistakenly placing a glass on one of the holes along the sides), but it should be functional.

If you’ve got some art skills, you should be able to stick dozens of these things together and draw on the surface, eventually producing a giant table that you can busy yourself jumbling and putting back together.   It’s  going to cost a handsome stack, though, as the Jigsaw Puzzle Stool/Table is available both in pairs for $349 and individually for $195.

[Viva Terra via Cool Material]