Piggyback Rider Backpack Hauls Gear, Water And Your Child

You’re hauling a full load of stash, walking up a hiking trail for an outdoor picnic with the wife and kids.  And it’s fun.  Would be even more fun if your three-year old isn’t having a meltdown, refusing to walk an inch and demanding to be carried on your back the whole way through.  Fortunately, you’re carrying the Piggyback Rider and you can do just that.

A combo backpack and child carrier, the bag integrates a foot bar at the bottom where your child can stand as they hitch a ride on your back.  That way, you can carry all the supplies you need while still sparing your tantrum-throwing little one the long, boring walk up the trail.

The Piggyback Rider is a durable and lightweight backpack done up in a unisex design.  That doesn’t make it any more special than any bag in the market, of course.  Instead, the clever child-riding harness gives the bag its special superpowers, allowing you to conveniently walk around with a full load of gear and a child (maximum 60 pounds) riding your back.    Features include a main container big enough to fit in a full day pack’s worth of supply, padded shoulder straps and a chest strap to fasten it tightly.

To make sure your child doesn’t fall off, the bag integrates four hand holds that allow them to grab onto something while you go on the move and a safety harness that keeps them tethered to you.  When not in use, the foot bar can be tucked away into its own pouch.

Different models of the Piggyback Rider are available directly from their website.  Price starts at $89.99.

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