Pillow Pets 30-Inch Jumboz Chewbacca Turns The Greatest Wookie Ever Into A Four-Legged Plush Pet

Every kid deserves a co-pilot like Chewie. He’s strong and fierce, brave and loyal, all while looking like a giant upright dog who’s never met a groomer. With the Pillow Pets 30-Inch Jumboz Chewbacca, the lovable wookie turns into a veritable plush dog that they can keep as a huggable companion.

We know… how dare they turn the co-pilot of the Millenium Falcon into a pet? He’s a terrific pilot, a darn good mechanic, and a vicious warrior that can strike fear into the hearts of a Stormtrooper battalion. Then again, it’s pretty awesome for a kid to have a pet that possesses all those skills, all while being incredibly adorable while standing on all fours. Seriously, wouldn’t you want a real dog that looks like that?

The Pillow Pets 30-Inch Jumboz Chewbacca turns Star Wars’ most famous Wookie into a plush dog (or cat, depending on which one you like better) that you can curl up hugging while lying in bed just like any plush doll. Of course, this is Pillow Pets, so it doesn’t just behave like a regular plush doll. Instead, it’s able to flatten into a comfy pillow once you unfasten its body, allowing kids to not just cuddle it in bed, but actually lay their heads on top of the darn thing. In the case of the Chewbacca plush, it’s even better, since the resulting pillow looks like a Wookie bear rug, especially with all that Wookie fur covering it and the large 30-inch size. It’s big enough for kids to sit on it, lie down on it, and even wrap it around their bodies like a pillow blanket, making this a really fun toy to always keep on hand.

It’s got that familiar Wookie face, with the pudgy nose, long facial hair, and mouth slightly open just enough so you can see its fangs. The doll’s even got that signature bandolier that Chewie always wears. If your kid’s not familiar with Star Wars, they’ll still love it because they’ll just think it’s a replica of some cute hairy dog – you know, the kind of pet their parents won’t let them get because all that hair is just horrific to have around the house.

The Pillow Pets 30-Inch Jumboz Chewbacca is made from the same high-quality plush fabrics as other dolls in the outfit’s line. If you’re in anyway familiar with Pillow Pets, then you’ll know just how soft and comfy these things are. Aside from serving as a great pillow for kids and adults alike, it should also make for a nice bed for your pets, with the 30-inch pillow size easily accommodating cats and small- to mid-size dogs. Bonus points, by the way, if your dog or cat resembles Chewie in any manner.

Like other Pillow Pets, it’s machine-washable, making it convenient to clean once it’s get a bit too dirty. And yes, it will get dirty, as kids love laying this down on the floor to give that erstwhile hard surface a comfortable cushion.

The Pillow Pets 30-Inch Jumboz Chewbacca is available now.

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