Pillow Remote Control: Cushiest Universal Remote Ever

Always losing the remote because of its small size?  Never again with the Pillow Remote Control, which puts a universal remote inside a generously-sized throw pillow that can never slide in between the cushions.

Clad in a brown body, it looks just like a regular pillow that you can cuddle with.  Seriously.  You can dress it up to match covers with your couch and nobody will be the wiser.  Careful, though, since you might end up punching the buttons, which will then interact with your entertainment setup just like any remote (and, there, you just missed the game-winning basket).

The Pillow Remote Control isn’t just a lame novelty product — it’s a seriously functional universal remote control, too.  A built-in database has pre-programmed settings for up to 500 devices, so you can really get rid of that Harmony slab that always seems to disappear right when you need it.

Buttons are integrated right into the fabric, so they just look like fancy stitching on your pillow.  It’s powered by two AAA batteries and has an auto-shutoff feature for saving power (triggered after 60 seconds of activity).

Granted, having a pillow for a remote control will probably lead to more accidental presses than you bargained for.  But, at least, you’ll never spend half an hour inspecting tight spaces just to find your channel changer again.  It’s available now for $29.95.