Pin Pres Children’s Shelf Uses Push Pins For Unlimited Design Options


I know the Pin Pres is designed as a reconfigurable children’s shelf.  It makes a great space to stash their toys, it’s easy to rearrange, and it makes for endless hours of kiddie fun.  Still, I want one for myself.

Created by OOO My Design, the children’s furniture is comprised of a board packed with built-in push pins that go through to the other side.  Kids can line up the shelves themselves or, more likely, they can just push on the areas where they want to place their toys, automatically turning any part of the wall into a proper container.


The Pin Pres is made from plywood that’s coated in either natural, lacquered white or brightly-colored finishes.  It comes in two sizes, regular (3.2 x 3.6 x 1.5 feet, h x w x d) and mini (1.6 x 1.6 x 0.9 feet), so you can pick up a smaller one if you don’t have enough space in your kid’s room for the full-sized shelf.  Because there are hundreds (maybe even thousands, I always lose count when I try to figure it out) of pins on the thing, your kids can, literally, fashion them into an innumerable amount of designs.  Heck, they can probably spend hours just forming shapes with the pins alone.

More than children’s shelving, though, the Pin Pres sounds like the kind of storage furniture I’d want in my own bedroom.  I mean, it looks like a great place to use as shelving for shoes and gadgets (just set them on the shelves), as well as a spot to hang ballcaps and scarves (just hang them on the pins).  Again, I want one.

You can buy the Pin Pres straight from the official website, priced at €700 and€2,100 for the mini and the standard versions, respectively.

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