Pinetti Wine Rack Uses A Clever Illusion To Make Stored Bottles Disappear


Like other wooden wine racks, you can use the Pinetti to store your bottles of wine while serving as a decorative element in a room. Unlike them, it’s designed to make the bottles disappear when viewed from the side, making anyone looking at the darn thing wonder what the heck is going on.

Made by woodworking illusionist (seriously) Tony Potter under his Harlequin Illusions outfit, it comes with a unique design that completely disappears the bottles when viewed from the sides as soon as they are slipped into one of the rack’s compartments. You can still see the tops and bottoms of each bottle so they don’t exactly vanish into thin air, but the bodies, somehow, disappear into the ether.


When viewed from anywhere but the front and back, the Pinetti looks like an open rack, so slipping a bottle in means you’ll see that bottle secured on the compartment. Except, you can’t. We’re not sure how it actually performs the disappearing trick. Heck, we can’t even begin to concoct a reasonable explanation. We’re guessing it’s a clever combination of mirrors and internal wooden structures, but that’s as far as I can venture. It’s mind-boggling.

Constructed from red oak with a Danish oil finish, the rack can hold up to 12 bottles each, although only six of the bottles will be hidden, depending on which compartment you place them.   Dimensions are 8.5 x 18 x 7.5 inches, with a weight of 8 pounds.

Available directly from Harlequin Illusions, Pinetti is priced at $295.

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