Ping Pong Conference Table: Have A Meeting, Play A Game

Remember the Table & Tennis conference table?  As awesome as that was, it was a one-off, so you couldn’t buy one even if you manage to convince the purchasing manager to get one for the boardroom.  Fortunately, someone else stepped up to offer a similarly-rigged office furniture for the rest of us: the Ping Pong Conference Table.

The double-duty boardroom workhorse won’t just serve as a functional place to hold your meetings, as you can use it to settle disputes with a round of table tennis, too.  That way, you can decide on important office matters without having to suffer through deep critical thought — just play a game and whoever wins gets to make the call.

The Ping Pong Conference Table measures 60 x 108 x 30 inches, with powder-coated tubular steel construction.  To ensure nobody finds any excuses when they lose a match, it features a specially-designed top that’s been tested to offer great bounce during table tennis play.  A notched center panel holds the net tightly during play, apart from doubling as a cable management facility when using the table for getting actual work done.  Both ends of the table come with hidden compartments where you can hide both ping pong supplies and stuff you need for meetings (like, I don’t know, super soakers or something).

The good news: the thing doesn’t look anything more than a regular conference table, so the boss might not even be clued in that he paid for a game to be installed inside the office. The bad news: your office will probably see an increase in people reserving the boardroom to hold closed-door meetings, so you won’t exactly get to play all that much anyway.

You can buy the Ping Pong Conference Table from Poppin, priced at $2,400.  Paddles, net and balls included.

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