Ping Pong Door: Table Tennis For The Space-Conscious


Don’t have enough space for a rec room?  You’re not alone.  Most people wish they can accommodate a few recreational activities inside their abodes, giving them something to do that’s a bit less passive than watching TV and hanging out at Facebook.   Take a look at the Ping Pong Door, a two-in-one affair that stores a fold-out ping pong table right on your doorway.

On one side, it looks like a regular door with black highlights near the edges.  It’s even got a keyhole and a door handle.  On the reverse, however, it looks like a ping pong table that’s rested vertically on your wall.   Truth is, it’s both.  The black edges mark the cutlines of a hole in the door that was cleverly outfitted with a smaller-than-regulation ping pong table.  Flip the central panel and out it comes, hinged to the door frames right at the center.

Designed by Tobias Franzel, it’s an ingenious way to fit a game table on a floor space that wouldn’t otherwise permit it.  The game can be played with the two players on opposite ends of the doorway, smacking balls all the way through to the other side.  All you need is a small space to handle the table when it folds out and enough elbow room to throw a couple of table tennis super shots every now and then.

The concept is incredibly sound and I wouldn’t be surprised to see the idea adopted into other short-need table requirements, such as a play table on the kids’ room or a changing table for a closet.  Originally just a design installation, the Ping Pong Door has reportedly gotten so much praise that it’s now on the way to seeing production.

[Tobias Fraenzel via New Launches]