Use This Ping Pong Paddle Flask To Smash Balls And Sip Drinks Right After


Like pool, ping pong is a game that lends itself ideal to chugging a glass of beer in between exchanges. This Ping Pong Paddle Flask makes it even better, letting you smash balls and enjoy sips using the same tool you have in hand.

A drinking flask clad in the form of a table tennis paddle, it lets you walk around with drinks on hand, all while looking like you’re just looking to play a round or two. Granted, these paddles aren’t exactly ideal for playing a serious game, but if you’re drinking while playing, we doubt you’re all that serious about your game anyway.


Made by Barbuzzo, the Ping Pong Paddle Flasks come with a capped opening at the end of the handle. To use, just remove the screw-on cap, fill it with drinks, and close it back up, leaving it ready for taking out, whether you’re playing outdoor table tennis at the park, walking the dog, or just sneaking some cheap drinks at the local bar.   Construction is all-plastic for the flask, so you can’t exactly look like a serious player carrying the darn thing, but if you’re willing to put up with judging looks from table tennis snobs, you can, at least, enjoy brown bagged drinks, instead of forking out $4 a pop or whatever drinks cost around your parts. The pair of paddles come with accompanying ball, so you just need to add a clamp-on net to bring gear for a modified game of beer pong to any friend’s party.

The Ping Pong Paddle Flask is priced at $20.

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