Take Notes And Play Ping Pong With These Table Tennis Notebooks


Not everyone’s lucky enough to be in a workplace that installs foosball games and ping-pong tables, allowing employees to take short breaks and refresh their tired minds. Not being one of the lucky ones doesn’t mean you can’t improvise your own games when the stresses of the day start getting too much, though. Take, for instance, these Table Tennis Notebooks that let you turn any table into a makeshift ping pong game in a jiffy.

That’s right, it’s a set of three notebooks that you can use to set up a functional table tennis game. Sure, it’s far from regulation and probably counts more as a close approximation of the gameplay, but compared to staring at your monitor for the next 15 minutes, playing a round of this in the pantry sounds like an absolute party.


In the Table Tennis Notebooks set, you use two of the notebooks as the paddle and the third one as the net, so it’s just like real ping pong, except with notebooks. Each one comes printed with appropriate paddle and net graphics, with the paddle notebooks even sporting a rubberized dotted surface, so the balls can ricochet off it with a good bounce. The net notebook is supposedly regulation sized, too, so it’s not that bad of table tennis set. Only problem is, you can’t grab the notebooks like a paddle, so you’ll have to improvise with a less-than-ideal grip. Each notebook comes with 100 ruled pages.


Available from Suck UK, the Table Tennis Notebooks are priced at £12.

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