Pinstripe Hoodie: Business Casual Goes Street

You already get away wearing sweats to work with the Dress Pant Sweatpants.  And you feel awesome everyday you manage to fool the dress police at the office.  We’re under no illusions that you can don the Executive Pinstripe Hoodie and pretend it’s an actual suit when you go out to meet with stuck-up corporate clients.  For photos and videoconferences, though, you could probably get away with it.

Made by Betabrand, it’s a hoodie that looks like a pinstripe suit.  It wears like a hoodie, feels like a hoodie and provides bodily comfort just like regular hooded sweats, complete with a hood for hiding your face in case you get a little self-conscious wearing this thing in a room full of lawyers in real pinstripe suits. Or in case you go postal and want to obscure your face from the CCTV cameras before you go ham, whichever situation you find yourself in.

The Executive Pinstripe Hoodie is made from superfine worsted Merino wool, a material that’s also used to make real business suits, and a paisley tie-cloth liner.  A pair of front pockets sit in the outer for holding your triple barrel revolver, along with ribbed cotton cuffs.  The downside: you can’t throw it in with the rest of your hoodies at the laundry bin, as the garment is dry-clean only.  Fit is neither too tailored nor too baggy, so it sits right between suits and hoodies in the way it wears on you, too.

Scheduled to ship in June, the Executive Pinstripe Hoodie is available in gray and navy.  Price is $148.

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