Take A Sip And Hit A Drag With This Two-In-One Pipemug


Coffee and tobacco (or some other herb rolled up in paper) are far from the healthiest way to start the morning. But if that’s what gets you up and running for the day, might as well go all in and upgrade the experience with the Pipemug.

Made by Zang! Products, it’s a mug for drinking your instant coffee that’s also a pipe for enjoying the first smoke of the day. That way, you can stop spending half an hour every morning searching for that tiny pipe. Just get the mug from the cupboard and enjoy.


The Pipemug looks like a regular mug at first glance, until you notice the slot near the bottom, where you can lay down a healthy amount of your favorite… umm… tobacco. To take a drag, simply put your herb on the slot, light it up, and puff the smoke that comes out near the top of the handle. Done. Each one measures approximately 5.5 inches tall, with the capacity to hold 12 fluid ounces of beverages.

While it has both a mug and a pipe, the two are kept completely separate, so the smoke will never blend into your coffee at any point (unless you blow it onto the drink, of course). Each one is made by hand, by the way, so the mugs are very sturdy, with occasional variances (actually, a lot of variances) due to the fact that (we suspect) some of the ceramic workers may be using their own Pipemugs during construction.

Available directly from Zang!, the Pipemug retails for $49.99 for plain solid colors and $59.99 for those printed with a graphic design.

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