Pipework Series Coat Rack Hangs Your Clothes In Plumbing Supplies

Plumbing is usually ugly. That’s why we always keep it hidden behind walls, ceilings and closed doors. In some strange way, though, Nick Fraser has managed to use plumbing parts for creating home pieces that look just as elegant as they are striking. Case in point: his Pipework Series Coat Rack, an exposed system of pipes, valves and fittings that surprisingly end up as functional as it is attractive. Very Mario chic.

Equal parts classy and industrial, the unique wall fixture should make a fitting addition to any plumbing-themed home. Except there’s probably no plumbing-themed home in existence, unless you count Mario’s dump. Or my mom’s basement, which I used to lovingly call “my bachelor’s pad.” On a serious note, this could probably look great if you’re decorating with an industrial edge or just have an appreciation for off-the-wall kind of fixtures.

One of the latest additions to the Pipework Series, the wall-mounted rack features eight hooks – four valves and four pipe mounts, all repurposed for hanging your coats, jackets, hats and other items of clothing. The steel pipes are painted in either black, white or grey, with each one featuring brass fittings and red valves.

Since these are actually real plumbing supplies, you should be able to make one too if you’re so inclined. Heck, you can make ten of them, connect them to your actual water line (because you like accidents that are waiting to happen) and it might even turn out cheaper. At any rate, the Pipework Series Coat Rack is available now for £124.95 (around $190).