Piranha Plant From Super Mario Bros. Comes To Life, Looks Hungry

Want to creep out house guests and scare little children?  Try getting one of these installed in your house.  Yep, it’s one of those cute but deadly Piranha Plants from Super Mario Bros. brought to life by an avid gamer with an apparent knack for sculpting.

Posed to strike for a bite, Kalapusa’s Piranha Plant looks to be a hungry, breathing replica of the one from the game.  The thing looks alive and animated, much more so than even that giant cannibal plant from the Little Shop Of Horrors.  Propped up on its own flower pot, the thing should prove a great fixture to add to any room and garden.  That’s if you like freaking people out who visit your home for the first time, of course.

According to the artist, he crafted the design with the idea of making it look as life-like as possible.  While based on the game, he proceeded to work on it with the premise that, “Had it been based on a real living plant, what would it look like?”   Made from strengthened wire skeleton, along with a special mix of acrylics and clay, the result is nothing short of frightening.

This was Kalapusa’s second effort in making a Piranha Plant.  The first was actually more faithful to the game and leaned towards adorable rather than scary (you can see the original from his DeviantArt portfolio).  This new one, however, is nothing short of art.  Horrific, yes.  But still friggin’ sublime.

You can check out the video below to see the Piranha Plant in the making.

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