Piranha Pocket Tool Comes With Eleven Killer Functions In A Single Sheet Of Steel


While it doesn’t resemble the deadly fish, the Piranha Pocket Tool has a good reason for the carnivorous name.  According to creator Pocket Tool X, it gets the job done as fast as the sharp-toothed, Amazon-dwelling creatures can clean the flesh off some poor animal’s carcass.

Made from a single piece of stone-washed S30V stainless steel (the same material used on high-end culinary knives), the multi-purpose tool can perform eleven different functions.  The heat-treated and corrosion-resistant material is particularly hard and punishment-proof, allowing it to perform its duties while demonstrating unusual toughness and durability.


The Piranha Pocket Tool is purely self-contained, with all functions accomplished by the cuts along the body and the edges.  It’s very pocketable, measuring 3.875 inches long and 0.15 inch thick.  Integrated tools include open and box wrenches (9/16, 1/2, 7/16, 3/8, 5/16, 1/4), a bottle cap opener, screwdrivers (#2 Phillips, #8 flathead), a pry bar, a flat scraper, two pry tips, a nail puller, integrated grips and a lanyard.  Yep, all of that in a single-piece slab only slightly larger than a credit card.

Styled by MK7 Designs, the handy, utilitarian implement is a veritable all-in-one in your pocket. Tighten screws, pull out stray nails, pop a beer open and do a bunch of other useful things with one of the simplest multi-tool designs around.  Even better, you don’t have to pull them out one by one the way you have to with bulky, fold-out pocket knives.

Pocket Tool X has the Piranha Pocket Tool on pre-order, with a targeted mid-December ship date for both North American and international orders.  Price is $49 plus shipping.

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