Pit Boss BBQ Tool Belt Puts All Grilling Tools Around Your Waist

Serious barbecue chefs need serious tools.  And, no, a BBQ Sword isn’t enough to get you through backyard barbecue warfare.  You need more tools.  And when you have more tools, you need a way to carry them.  That’s the Pit Boss BBQ Tool Belt’s job.

It’s like a handyman toolbelt, except for folks in charge of cooking all the burgers and steaks.  That way, you can do your job while standing in front of the grill the entire time — everything you need is within arm’s reach.

The Pit Boss BBQ Tool Belt is made from 1680 Denier fabric, with heavy-duty double-stitched seams and reinforced pocket stitching for extra durability.   It’s also got a big Pit Boss die-cast belt buckle in the middle, just so everybody knows who’s the top dog in this joint.

You get integrated carabiners for hanging your fork, tongs, spatula and knives, along with two utility holsters (for your spices, seasonings, rubs, sauces, and condiment guns) and the Chow Chap leg protection system (so your leg hairs don’t catch fire when you’re cooking while wearing shorts).  Since barbecuing always works best while you’re sipping on sudsy beverage, it comes with a sealed and insulated beer pocket called The Chamber, along with a pro-grade bottle opener tethered via retractable reel.  And just in case you remember a call you need to make, there’s a spare pocket to fit in a smartphone, too.

Sure, you can probably get through a party-sized barbecuing task even without the Pit Boss BBQ Tool Belt.  But if you want to do it without hustling back and forth, all while looking like the sheriff of the land, this should prove a more fitting accessory.  It’s available now, priced at $69.99.