Pit Command Talons Bring A Safe And Stylish Tool For Your Smokeless Fire Pits

If you use those smokeless fire pits to bring some heat to the cold air in your backyard or patio, then you’re going to need a poker stick or a claw grabber to move the burning logs around without burning yourself in the process. Both those tools are pretty standard when it comes to safely dealing with fire pits and fireplaces. The Pit Command Talons offer an equally safe but even more familiar option.

Just like log claw grabbers, the tool allows you to pick up logs without bringing your hands anywhere close to the burning flames, making it easy to add logs, remove them, and move them around the main chamber. Unlike the traditional fire pit tool, it comes in an even more familiar tongs-style form factor, so you can safely manage the fire pit the same way you manage all the steaks, burgers, and sausages you cook in the backyard grill.

The Pit Command Talons are, basically, an oversized version of traditional kitchen tongs. You know, that double-armed tool you use to pick potatoes off boiling water, toss up a bowl of salad, or flip a slab of meat cooking on the grill. Except, this one’s designed to work with those modern smokeless fire pits, so it’s much, much bigger than your standard kitchen tongs, coming in at 24 inches long with a thick build, allowing it to safely handle heavy logs and similar wood pieces.

It’s made from carbon steel, so it’s got that tough and sturdy construction, complete with a high heat powder coat that allows it to retain its good looks even when regularly exposed to direct fire. At the end of each arm is a gripping head with sharp claws, giving it the necessary hold to grab onto logs and ember securely, while custom molded handles give you a comfortable spot to hold the tool.

Just like traditional tongs, the Pit Command Talons are designed for one-handed use, so you can keep the Rambler Mug you’re sipping from in hand while you pick up logs and move them around the fire pit’s bowl. They’re pretty lightweight, too, at 1.3 pounds, so you should be able to carry it around even with a couple logs in tow without much trouble. The joined section of the tongs, by the way, are clad in a diamond shape, allowing you to use it to conveniently hang the tool from a hook.

Can you use it for anything other than the fire pit? Probably. If you were cooking something on the grill and didn’t want to walk up close to flip the burgers, for instance, maybe you can do it from two feet away with this thing. You can also fill up your glass with ice cubes without reaching for the ice bucket from two chairs away, since… you know… you’ve got these long tongs that should do the trick. Plus, it looks like it can make for a mean back scratcher in a jiffy. Or something.

The Pit Command Talons are available now, priced at $169

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