Pit-In, A Drive-In Desk For Bicycles

You already take your bike to work every morning, so why not ride it straight to your work desk?  You can do just that with the Pit-In, a drive-in desk that lets you stay on your bicycle throughout the entire workday.

Designed by Store MUU, the unique office furniture comes with a bottom rack that holds the bike steady by clamping down on the tires.  For added balance, two footrests sit on either side, allowing you to park your legs comfortably.

The Pit-In is made from plywood and measures 28 x 35 x 45 inches.  The desk area is rather small (just enough room to plop a notebook), but the form should work even with a wider table space.  At the height, it can probably work as a standing desk, although the actual design is meant to keep you sitting on the bike’s saddle during your entire stay.

An added benefit for setting up on your desk bike: you can drive right out of it into the pantry and anywhere else in the office.  You get plus points, too, if you run over the boss at any time (make sure to apologize and call it an “accident”).

For now, the Pit-In appears to be just a concept office furniture, so it isn’t for sale.  We reckon you can print that photo and have some local guys build you one, though, if you’re so inclined.  It will probably serve as an excellent table for the garage or workshop, as well as a home office desk if you’re allowed to ride the bike into your abode.