Pitch Perfect: Baseball King Balls Let You Throw Amazing Pitches Without An Iota Of Skill


Can’t throw a curveball if your life depended on it?  You won’t have to die if you pitch with the Baseball King Balls, which let you perform fancy throws even without building up a modicum of baseball skills.

Just like the Remote-Controlled Bowling Ball, the specially-rigged sports equipment lets you cheat your way into a high-level of play.  Unlike it, however, there are no electronics in this thing.

Each 2.9-inch diameter Baseball King ball is made of light polyethylene, with a unique band that runs through its center.  A simple adjustment of the band, which rearranges the positions of its holes, allows it to control the air resistance around the ball as it charts its way past your opponent’s swing.  As a result, you can manage curveballs, knuckleballs, sinkers, risers and screwballs even without an iota of baseball training.  Take that, every coach who picked me last in gym class…errr…

Will this turn you into the next MLB star?  Um, no.  It won’t help you develop any skill.  In fact, you’ll be just as unathletic as you were before you started using it.  However, the next time cousin Darwin tries to boast about his batting accuracy at the family picnic, you can challenge him to a game in the backyard and actually have a shot at striking his ass out.

The Baseball King Balls are sold in sets of three for $24 plus shipping.  It’s not regulation, so forget joining actual competitions armed with it.  For your idiot cousin Darwin, though, and lifetime bragging rights, it should be fine and dandy.

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