Pith & Stem DropTop Wall-Mounted Workstation Maximizes Your Productivity With Two Monitors, A Large Desk, And Built-In Storage

Wall-mounted desks that can fold up when not in use are nothing new. They’re a great way to install a functional work desk in apartments that don’t exactly have the necessary room to spare. Only thing is, they’re usually very compact, coming in a size that fits little more than a laptop, a mousepad, and a few basic items. The Pith & Stem DropTop gives work-from-home professionals a more versatile solution, with generous desk space, dual monitors, and even extra room for storage.

That’s right, it’s an elegant wall-mounted desk that blends into your home discreetly, all while giving you a generous workspace that can rival your regular setup in the office. Whether you’re working from home temporarily, permanently, or sporadically as the need comes up, this thing gives you a place where you can get serious, productive work done without taking up valuable space.

The Pith & Stem DropTop is a wall-mounted workstation that consists of a shallow shelf and a desk measuring 47 x 24 inches (width x depth), giving you plenty of room to fit all the gear you need for a productive workday. The shelf comes equipped with a pair of 24-inch IPS LED monitors, with full HD resolution, flicker-free technology, and even a low blue light mode. They didn’t specify a brand or model for the monitors (we’re guessing they offer buyers a list of choices), although you can connect your laptop or desktop to them via an integrated DisplayLink adapter, so you get instant access to two external displays. Below the monitor shelves are a pair of smaller shelves that you can use to store a mouse, keyboard, and other accessories.

The workstation will need to be plugged in to a power outlet, which should provide the necessary power to run those dual monitors, all while coming with a USB-C cable for charging your laptop. Alternatively, you can opt for one with a USB-A cable and a universal power cable if you’re using an older computer.

The Pith & Stem DropTop looks nothing more than a decorative frame when folded flush to the wall. That’s because the entire underside of the desk is actually a frame that you can use to display prints, paintings, or large photographs. If you want your workstation to be ready-to-go as soon as you get it, you can choose from the outfit’s selection of prints or send in your own high-definition image for custom printing. Alternatively, you can put your own pieces in the frame after you install it in your home.

How sturdy is it? Well, they have a product photo of an adult standing on top of the desk, so we imagine it can support a good load of weight. According to the outfit, they use a steel bracket for the wall mount and custom hinges for the desk, a pairing the supposedly enables the seemingly impressively payload support. Construction is FSC-certified birch plywood, with either an American walnut, classic wenge, white ash, or somber walnut finish.

The Pith & Stem DropTop is priced at £1,099.

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