Pivot Power Curves And Bends For Crowding-Free Electrical Outlets

The world deserves a better power strip.   And with the Pivot Power, we just might get it.

Crowd-sourced from the impressive community at Quirky, the device brings a much-needed shot of creativity to the good old power strip.  You know how two bulky wall warts can take the entire space on a five-outlet strip?   With its bendable joints, this accessory lets you put an end to that problem for good.

You read that right.  Pivot Power is a flexible power strip with jointed sections that rotate around one another.  That way, you can twist it to fit even the bulkiest bricks without rendering any outlet inaccessible.  Plus, the shapes you can form with it should make for a nice novelty too.

Possibly the first six-outlet power strip you’ll own that will actually fit six plugs every single time, it can be bended in a variety of ways, including zig-zag, circular and everything in between.  It comes with a power button too,  so you can turn off power to all connections with just a single press. That’s great for gadgets like slide scanners, printers and chargers that do not need to be powered on all the time.

Like other Quirky products, the Pivot Power requires a guaranteed preorder number before production.  In this case, they’re shooting for 960 at $23 each.  Price goes up to $25 after that.

[Quirky via Gadget Lab]