Pivoting RapidRoller Will Speed Up Your Painting Jobs

If you’ve ever painted a room, you’ve probably thought to yourself that there has to be a better way to get chores like this done.  Like, with robots and shit.  With automatons temporarily out of the equation, though, here’s the next best thing: the Pivoting RapidRoller.

Created by Black & Decker, the feature-packed paint roller takes the humble painting tool and injects it with some sweet talents.  Sure, it’s nowhere near the likely convenience of future house-painting robots, but for now, it should shave a good chunk of the time and difficulty you can expect from the conventional roller and brush combo.

The RapidRoller’s main innovation is a pivoting head that lets you use it at three different positions (straight, 40 degrees and 80 degrees), so you can easily cover corners and other tight locations.   The 46-inch handle can be extended an additional 24 inches, as well, so you can paint high areas and ceilings without needing a tall ladder.

The handle also doubles as a paint container, with its own suction mechanism (for refilling directly from a can) and dispenser system (that sends paint directly to the roller).  Up to 22 ounces of coloring material can be stored on the body, allowing for longer uninterrupted painting periods.  Other niceties include a kickstand for resting independently and a splatter shield to keep paint from falling when you’re painting a ceiling.

Seriously, the only feature this thing is missing is a beer dispenser, so you don’t have to take a break to get a drink.  We guess you can strap on a beer tap backpack for that, though.  The Black & Decker Pivoting RapidRoller is available for $45.

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