Pizza Cake: Please Let This Exist

No the Pizza Cake isn’t a cake that’s been decorated to look like a pizza. That would have just been disappointing. Instead, it’s a pie styled to look like a cake with nothing but layer upon layer of greasy, cheesy, and delicious pizza slices. And it’s awesome.

It does not exist yet. But it could. However, that will only happen if Canadians really, really, really want it.

A potential addition to Boston Pizza’s summer menu (for their Canadian outlets only), the Pizza Cake actually appears to be a cake-sized stuffed pizza of sorts. Basically, they stacked half-a-dozen complete pizzas on top of each other and closed off the sides so it looks like one giant bundle of food. It’s inarguably insane. And probably very delicious. I have no idea how to eat it (much less slice it — I reckon my Axe Pizza Cutter¬†won’t work), but I’m already imagining a mess that’s equally confusing and appetizing at the same time.

Like we said, it’s only a “potential” addition for now. Boston Pizza is actually holding a poll for people to vote on several options — the one that receives the biggest support gets the honor of being inducted into the summer menu. As of the moment, Pizza Cake is leading by a wide margin, with entries like pizzaburger sliders (mini burgers wrapped in mini pizzas), pizza taco (chipotle and chicken taco with a pizza shell), and pizza-flavoured mints trailing behind it.

Since I don’t live in Canada, I’ll just wait for the first local joint that decides to steal this monstrosity. We all know it’s going to happen. I mean, how can you deny the rest of the world its Pizza Cake?

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