Someone Made A Pizza Oven That Looks Like A Pizza Box


When someone walks into your kitchen for the first time and finds the Cuizen Pizza Box Oven in the countertop, chances are, they’ll mistake it for an actual pizza box. In fact, they might even walk over to see if there are any slices left, before they knot their brows in confusion and eventually realize what’s actually going on.

Styled to look like an extra-thick pizza box, it comes finished in white to simulate a cardboard-like appearance, with a graphical logo on top. Granted, the handle on the lid (made from stainless steel and stays cool to the touch), the knobs in front (one for temperature, another for the timer), and the pair of LED indicators make for a dead giveaway, although you’re likely to not even notice those when chancing upon the oven for the first time.


The Cuizen Pizza Box Oven cooks both fresh and frozen pizzas 12 inches and under, torching it at temperatures as high as 525 degrees Fahrenheit. A pair of 1,200-watt heating elements situated on the top and bottom plates cook both sides of the pie at the same time, with a rotating bottom plate that spins it to ensure the whole thing cooks evenly. Measuring 16.8 x 13.4 x 4.8 inches and weighing 8 pounds, it’s small and light enough that you can slip it into a bag and bring it to work if you want to enjoy hot pizza directly from your cubicle, although it’s not quite small enough that the boss won’t notice. Plus, the smell of pizza cooking is guaranteed to attract everyone’s attention, so be prepared to share.

Available now, the Cuizen Pizza Box Oven is priced at $55.19.

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