PKG Rubber Bag Collection Uses Recycled Truck Tires And Seatbelts

I don’t think I’ve ever owned a bag made from rubber.  The PKG Rubber Bag Collection looks like a good way to start though, sporting stylish looks and a whole load of eco-friendly credentials to boot.

Handmade in India, the bags use recycled materials salvaged from old truck tires and seatbelts that would otherwise have ended up amidst landfill.  The tires’ inner tubes were used for the bags’ bodies, while the seatbelts were commissioned to work as over-the-shoulder carrying straps.  Remember that when you show off the bag and tell people the story of how the thing was made (you can embellish a little, of course, like “this particular tube was originally from a truck that delivered curry to the people of Mumbai” or something).

The PKG Rubber Bag Collection consists of sleeve-type messengers in two sizes: Small and Large.  The former measures 14 x 10.5 x 1.5 inches, with enough room to hold a 13-inch laptop along with a few other stuff, while the larger one sizes in at 16 x 12 x 2 inches with interior space for  a 16-inch computer.

The bags come with blue stitching and a blue interior with the PKG logo plastered all over it.  There’s no closure, though, so you’ll set it down carefully, lest risk having your machine fall out.  From the looks of it, some of the bags even have the labels from their former lives kept in, which adds an extra touch of authenticity to the whole deal.

Only 200 examples of the PKG Rubber Bag Collection have been made, so it’s a limited edition item.   Prices are $79.99 for the Small and $89.99 for the Large.