Place Setting Placemats Are Here To Save The Day

I have no idea what’s supposed to go where on the dining table. As long as the food is on my plate and not anywhere else, I’m set. Of course, that doesn’t inspire much confidence when you’ve got guests you’re trying to impress coming over for dinner. Fortunately, you can practice with the Place Setting Placemats, which draw you an outline of where everything goes when hosting a formal dinner.

You may not care where the dessert fork should sit in relation to the soup spoon. Others could, however. When you’re trying to butter up the boss for a promotion and decide to invite him and the wife over, the least you could do to ensure best results is to cover all bases.

The Place Setting Placemat is a linen napery that measures 65 x 60 cm (L x W). It’s all white with black diagrams that detail exactly where each plate, glass and cutlery should go. While you can, theoretically, use it as your actual dinner mat, we would suggest keeping it for practice. Letting guests in on the fact that you’re using one kind of defeats the “making an impression” part, doesn’t it?

With this, you never have to mistakenly put a dinner knife where a teaspoon or a butter spreader should have been again. At least, not when guests are coming over. Price is a little steep at €19.95 (around $27). Since you only need one to literally save the day, though, it doesn’t sound that bad.

[Design 3000 via 7 Gadgets]