Sleep Inside A Slice Of Pizza Using This Delicious-Looking Sleeping Bag


No, this isn’t the kind of sleeping bag you’ll want to bring when camping, since we doubt it can pack into anything compact. If you prefer snuggling at home on a slice of pizza with your head rested on a pillow of thick crust, however, this Plain Slice of Pizza Sleeping Bag is exactly what your bedroom’s needed all this time. Sorry French Fries Bed, we guess your novelty wore off eventually.

That’s right, this giant slice of pizza is actually a sleeping bag, with that coating of sauce and cheese actually serving as a cozy blanket you can sneak into. It’s all handmade, too, just like a real pizza, except it won’t be forming mold if you leave it in your bed for months on end (or maybe it will because your bedroom’s kind of gross).


The Plain Slice of Pizza Sleeping Bag measures 6 x 3 feet (length x width), so it should accommodate most everyone six feet and under. No, we don’t mean you have to be dead to use it, but you can be too tall to actually fit. Each one is made from cotton, with the inside fully lined in flannel so this will be extra soft and comforting – just the perfect combination to help lull you to sleep. Those brocolli, olive, pepperoni, mushroom, and onion toppings on the pictures, by the way, are actually pillows, but are sold separately so all you get is the plain boring pizza.


Available now, the Plain Slice of Pizza Sleeping Bag is priced at $200.

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