Plair Simplifies Streaming Content To Your TV

There are plenty of solutions for wirelessly streaming content from computers to the TV.  Most of what we’ve seen, though, require you to buy into proprietary standards like Airplay or to mess with the streaming features on your favorite set-top box.  So far, the Plair is the most straightforward, portable streaming solution we’ve seen.

Created by NewDealDesign, it’s a WiFi-enabled dongle that plugs into theTV’s HDMI port.  From there, just download the app onto your mobile device or open the web app on your PC’s browser, then start watching all the clips you want right on the big screen.

With Plair hooked up, you can stream any photo or video stored on your devices, as well as streaming content from web-based services like YouTube, Vimeo, and more.  We don’t have a full list, but they do have a diverse roster of partners listed on their site that can certainly rival any of the streaming services out there (from network shows to video streaming sites to web shows).  Plus, it also allows you to stream videos from websites other than the partner channels via the browser (we’re not sure how this part works, though).

It’s designed to connect fast, too, establishing a link between the TV and your device within 30 seconds, so instant gratification is definitely not a problem.  Best of all, it works with any TV that has an HDMI port, so there’s no extra investment to make (plus, you can use it with the hotel TV during trips).

Currently, Plair is sold out for all the preorder slots, but they are gearing up to start taking new orders soon.  Price is $99.

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