PlanetCare 2.0 Adds A Microplastic Filter To Your Washing Machine

Some companies have already started releasing washing machines with built-in microplastic filters in hopes of reducing the amount of those tiny plastic pollutants releasing into our water system. Problem is, you’re stuck with a limited selection of machines if you want that feature, not to mention you’ll have to replace whatever existing ones you already own. The PlanetCare 2.0 offers a more versatile alternative.

Designed to install into any washing machine, this microfiber filter boasts the ability to capture around 98 percent of all microplastic waste produced during the washing process. That means, you’re potentially cutting down on a big load of pollutants that will otherwise end up floating around in our oceans and other waterways, making it a great solution for people looking to further cut down their environmental footprint.

The PlanetCare 2.0 consists of a pill shaped device around the same size as a large travel bottle. To use it, you need to connect the filter to the drain hose of your washing machine, so that all water that comes out get fed to the filter, then connect the output opening to your drain using the included drain hose. That’s, pretty much, it. Once set up, all the wash water from the machine should get run through the filter before emptying out to the drain, allowing you to capture most of the microfibers that would otherwise end up in the sewage system. According to the outfit, the filter in this version can capture all microfibers up to 10 micron in size.

The filter actually comes with a mount that lets you attach it onto any flat surface. To set that up, simply place the filter in the mount, peel the mount’s adhesive backing, and stick it anywhere you want. If your washing machine is right up a wall, you can stick it right on there; otherwise, you can also just stick the filter onto any side of the washing machine instead.

The PlanetCare 2.0’s filter is rated to last for around 30 wash loads before it fills up. You will know it’s filled up, too, as the filter cap is designed to automatically pop up on its own as soon as the filter is full. Once that happens, simply replace it with a new filter, which you can receive regularly as part of a subscription membership. To ensure the microplastics trapped in the filter steer clear of our waterways and landfills, you can send in used filters to the outfit, which has a system for taking out all the microfibers for reuse in various recycling programs. Once cleaned, the filter is refurbished for reuse by customers.

As you can tell, the device is able to filter microplastics without using up any additional electricity or water, so your utility use remains exactly the same. Because of the simple set up that only requires hooking up with drain tubes, it can work with every kind of washing machine in the market, allowing you to add microfiber filtering even to older appliances.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the PlanetCare 2.0. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at $62.

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