Plank Mini-Shelf Features Magnets On The Underside For Your Keys

Sometimes, all you need is a small shelf that you can install by the door (or right next to your home office desk) where you can leave your phone, wallet and keys.  That way, your pocket essentials can just sit in one place, ready to be scooped up on your way back out.  The Plank Magnetic Shelf should do the job like a boss.

A small shelf designed for your pocket dumps, it’s got a shelf area sized to hold a phone, a wallet and similar small items.  The twist though, is the strip of magnet at the bottom allowing you to “hang” small metal items like keys and fold-out pocket knives underneath.

Measuring just under half a foot long, the Plank is a small out-of-the-way wall shelf that you should be able to set up without much ado.  The mounting system is designed to be discreet, so it actually appears like it’s floating off the wall.  The magnet is confined to the bottom side, so it shouldn’t affect your phone, credit cards or any other handheld electronic you set on top.  Just make sure, of course, to actually install it with the magnet side down. Or up, if you’re trying to prank somebody.

The Plank Magnetic Shelf is available now, priced at $29.95.

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