Plant-A-Bar Puts A Home Bar On A Planter, So You Can Get Drunk In The Garden


You love gardening. And you also love getting drunk. So what could be a better addition to your backyard than a mini-bar that also happens to be a generously-sized outdoor planter?  Yes, that absurd piece of outdoor furniture exists in the form of the Plant-A-Bar.

A combination mini-bar and planter, it gives you a place to enjoy a nightcap with family and friends, all without looking out of place in the most beautiful gardens. That’s because the bar top can be folded down when not in use, making it look like a regular wooden box with a shallow planter on top, leaving no clue as to its less-horticultural talents.


Plant-A-Bar’s bar top measures eight feet long, so it’s big enough to accommodate two or three people, along with your supply of barware and libations.  The planter comes with close to 10 inches of planting depth, with the capacity to hold 329 quarts of potting mix.  They recommend it for growing sprigs and garnishes that you can mix with your drinks, although it’s big enough for growing many types of garden vegetables and other produce.  Maybe, you can even use it to grow those glowing plants, which should make for a trippy view while getting drunk under the dark night skies.


Construction is butcher-block cedar wood that’s been crafted from reclaimed pieces of lumber mill trimmings, along with aluminum for the corners and trim.  You will, however, need to supply your own stools.

Available now, Plant-A-Bar is priced at $699.

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