Platetopper Turns Any Plate Into An Airtight Container

When you don’t finish your food, you put it in the fridge.  If you don’t want it to suck when you reheat it, you put it in a Tupperware container or a plastic wrap.  Apparently, that doesn’t fly well with some folks, so someone came up with the Platetopper.

Billed as a “universal suction lid,” the contraption will turn your plates into an airtight container.  Just like all the Tupperware you inherited from Mom.  Except this one can work with any circular dinner plate, so you don’t end up with the hassle of constantly missing lids or having to use those wasteful non-reusable wraps.

Why not just use an upturned bowl?  Because that thing will let air in without putting up a fight.  The Platetopper, on the other hand,  will create an air-sealed space inside the area it covers using a suction mechanism, keeping your leftovers as fresh as old food can be.  It’s also microwave-safe (no more splatter), dishwasher-friendly, and can be used to keep food warm when you aren’t up to eating just yet.  Oh yeah, these things are hard, so you can stack them in the fridge without getting your food squashed.

If you already have more Tupperware than you know what to do with, this probably isn’t necessary.  For everyone else, though, the Platetopper could prove useful.  Creator Michael Tseng is currently rallying potential customers over at Kickstarter for his first production run.  You can reserve yourself one (your choice of color) for a $20 pledge.