Play CSI At Home And Discover Gross Things With The Orion Lite Forensic Kit


Want to see what kind of evidence CSI will turn up when they work their crime scene sleuthing skills in your bedroom?  Now you can with the Orion Lite 455nm Forensic Light Source Kit, a high-intensity torch light bundle that lets you make out invisible stains just like those awesome dudes on TV.

Do you suspect that an evil troll climbs up your room at night and steals all your hidden twinkies? Turn the lights off, close the blinds and check out what non-human stains lie caking around the drawer where you keep it.  Beware, though: what you find out could surprise you (it might actually be…gasp…hungry ghosts).

The Orion Lite Kit comes with two components – a 455nm blue LED flashlight and a pair of orange goggles.  Aluminum is used throughout the light source’s body for durable and lightweight  operation.   It sports a large, battery-powered 3-watt LED that’s powerful enough for both in-field and lab use.

According to creator Evident, the kit can detect bodily fluids, dye stains, fluorescent powders and other trace evidence, allowing you to see past what’s visible to the naked eye.  Simply shine the blue light on your bedsheet, put on the goggles and there you have it – proof of last night’s wet dream in a splattered mess.

Even if you couldn’t care less about crime scene work, the Orion Lite 455nm Forensic Light Source Kit should make for innumerable hours of vomit-inducing CSI work.  Use it to piece together stories from the backseat of your best friend’s car (where you’re sitting right now), your office’s conference room (where the marketing department had their all-nighter) and the clothes you’re trying out on the department store (ummm…noooo).    It’s available for $149.