Play Luxury Table Tennis With The Chrome Ping Pong Table


Luxury table tennis, anyone?  While you can always play ping pong on a small slab of plywood and a net, that’s not nearly half as fun as doing it on an excessively decadent shining surface.  The Chrome Ping Pong Table (dubbed “The Future Is Chrome”) sports mirror-polished stainless steel everywhere you look, making the relatively low-overhead game of hitting a ball back and forth infinitely more dramatic.

Created by Argentina-born Rirkrit Tiravanija, the blindingly reflective game table isn’t supposed to do anything to aid your crappy play.  In fact, the mirrored surface is likely to end up being a distraction.  I don’t know if I should play on it or just stare at the damn thing.  It looks gorgeous.


The Chrome Ping Pong Table measures 9 x 5 x 30 feet, which is the regulation size for international competition.  While normal surfaces use some sort of manufactured hardboard with a low friction surface, this special edition playing area is pure steel.  I don’t know whether that’s good or bad, but I think the ball will ricochet with a harder bounce on it.  Better fine-tune your reflexes, cause that little plastic ball will fly.

Unfortunately, the table doesn’t come in a set.  Would have been way cooler if it came with a steel cage net and heavy metal paddles, so I can whack my opponent in the head after a particularly heated exchange.  Regardless, the thing looks insanely cool and should fit right in with the rest of your luxury ensemble.

Produced for Nathalie Karg’s Cumulus Studios, the Chrome Ping Pong Table has been fashioned in a limited edition of 10 examples.  You can score it for $55 grand apiece.

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