Play Ping Pong On Concrete: Henge Tables

You can play basketball on concrete.  You can play tennis on concrete.  Now, you can play ping pong on concrete, too, with the Henge Tables.

Don’t worry, table tennis on concrete won’t make your balls flitter off like mad.  In fact,  the playing surface supposedly returns balls like regular tables and are conformant to the International Table Tennis Federation specification for bounce (a 23-cm. return).  It’s not approved for regulation games, though, as the rules require a white center portion, white sidelines and a dark color for the actual surface (they can do that, but for an extra fee).

Billed as “sculptural outdoor concrete table tennis platforms,” the Henge Tables are constructed out of reinforced concrete, layered around surrounding steel rods.  Each table consists of two molded tops, each attached to a shapely base using tamper-proof bolts.  A stainless steel net sits right at the cross section of the two tops, bolted to the underside to keep the screws away from sight.

All table parts are polished to a shine and topped with a sealant that’s resistant to your local graffiti artist’s regular stash of paint.  They also offer plenty of options if you’re willing to shell out extra, including variances in net styles and colors, an exposed aggregate stone finish, concrete tint, inlay objects, rounded edges, engravings and more.

The Henge Table comes in two models, the T20 and the T40.  The difference lies in the base each includes and on what kind of surface it can be mounted on.  Each one is built to order, with prices starting at $3,500 $7,000.

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