PlayGo Simplifies In-Home Music Streaming

Looking for a quick way to wirelessly stream music from a PC to your home entertainment system?  We doubt it gets any simpler than PlayGo, a plug-and-play solution for enjoying stored music anywhere in the house.

By “plug and play,” they literally mean “plug and play.”  You plug the transmitter on an open USB port of your computer, connect the receiver to your stereo system and press Play.  It will automatically find all the music in your machine, line them up and start streaming them one by one.  It comes with no software, so you don’t get any say in how the playlist will be ordered.  Great, if you have trouble deciding what to listen to.  Not so great if your mom keeps her Celine Dion MP3s on your PC, as well.

PlayGo works on its own wireless protocol, so it need not infringe on any of your machine’s existing connectivity.  Each transmitter can be paired with up to four receivers at a maximum range of 75 feet.  Capacitive touch-sensing buttons are installed on the top side of the receiver for playback controls, although it can also work with your universal remote (it has built-in IR).

Audio quality should actually be better than usual, with 24-bit/96khz digital SPDIF output , sample rate conversion and clock regeneration integrated into the device.  It’s pretty, too, with the shells milled from a  solid block of DuPont Corian.

If you’re fine not having too much control over what plays over your speakers at every point,  we guess this plug and play solution should do the trick.  That is, if you’re willing to shell out the necessary $450.  Yep, that’s $450.  Available in white and orange.