Use The Playing Card Notebook To Make Your Own Deck Of Cards


You can, technically, use the Playing Card Notebook like a regular notebook for jotting down notes and doodling your ideas. And we bet it will look awesome for that. Its real beauty, though, is its ability to give you a custom-made deck of cards whose contents you can fill out at will using pencils, markers, or any writing instrument of choice.

Made by Suck UK, it’s, basically, a 52-card deck that’s cobbled together like a notebook. All the faces on each card are left blank, with only the back sides filled out, so you can draw your own deck format according to your liking. Not only can make your own (possibly hilarious) version of a standard French deck, you can make obscure decks, draw Trump-style cards, or invent your own deck with its own rules of play.


The Playing Card Notebook bounds each of the cards together, so they function like a regular pocket-sized notebook that you can use to jot notes in class, brainstorm ideas at work, or plan out your to-do list for the day. Except, all the cards are designed to peel out easily, in case you’d rather use them to build your own playing deck. They’re made from real playing card stock, too, so they’re just as stiff as the real thing, so there should be no problem shuffling them or performing your favorite card tricks. It comes with either blue or red print in the back.


Available now, the Playing Card Notebook is priced at £5.

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