Playoffice Reading Net Puts A Floating Playground Inside A Library

A library isn’t exactly the kind of place kids go crazy about.  It’s quiet and boring and absolutely no fun.  The Reading Net is designed to change that.

Created by Madrid-based design studio Playoffice, it’s a giant mesh net suspended in line with the library’s second floor, giving kids a large playing area hanging several feet off the ground.  It’s pretty awesome, giving kids a fluffy but stable surface to lie down, jump around, and play in, with full view of the library’s ground floor directly beneath them.

Granted, you’ll probably want adults watching the Reading Net full time to ensure none of the daredevil kids venture too far off the edges.  Or that none of the mischievous kids start throwing Gummi-X cockroach candies at the people under the net.  Or that none of the sensitive kids freak out crying after they realize height actually scares them.  Yeah, this sounds like a lot of work.  But, hey, isn’t that what kids have always brought to the table?

Seriously, this idea is all manners of sweet.  In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised to find this being applied to home playing areas — what kid wouldn’t want to spend half the day in a see-through net suspended six feet off the ground?  Well, other than those afraid of heights, of course.

You can see more pictures straight from Playoffice’s website.

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